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Cargosonic Inc. International Freight Forwarder was founded December 7th 1999 based in Montreal. We offer personalized and professional international transports to the small and medium sized businesses aswell to individual’s (importers and exporters of merchandises).

Cargosonic Inc.

Montréal, (Québec)

Canada Tél.: (514) 633-9993

Courriel :

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Our services as an international freight forwarder based in Montreal

    import-export air and ocean freight -

    transborder service -

    customs clearance services -

    short and long term storage -

     crating and distribution -

    audiovisual forwarding division (cinema, television, video) -

    express transportation from door to door of parcels - courier service .

    personnal effects -


Cargosonic Inc. International Freight Forwarder based in Montréal