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Montréal, (Québec)

Canada Tél.: (514) 633-9993

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Cargosonic Inc. offers the quickest and safest solution for shipping your unaccompagnied baggages to destinations all over the world.

Personalized and professional advice. For all your questions and rate request please contact us.

Option 1 : Airfreight service , Luggage Service. Ship excess baggage accros the world from Montreal Trudeau International airport. The service includes the pick-up of your boxes, suitcases, bags, luggage, baggage at your home , small furniture packaged by yourself. Carried from your door to international airport of destination accross the world. The custom clearance and final delivery will be done by yourself. The ratio weight versus volume for airfreight is 1 cbm = 166.66 kgs. volume. How to calculate the volume take the dimensions of each parcels in centimeters multiplicate the Length x Weight x Height divide the total by 6000 = kgs. volume. Example a box measuring 100 x 100 x 100 cm = 1000000 divided by 6000 = 166.66 kgs. volume. If that parcel has a weight of 80 kgs. you will be invoiced on 167 kgs. volume . If that same parcel has a weight of 200 kgs. You will be invoiced on 200 kgs.  The invoicing is always done on the heigher of the two.

Option 2 : International moving from door to door , shipping of your goods in consolidation containers of personnal effects including custom clearance .

Option 3 : Your personnal effects shipped in full 20’ feet container approx. 30 CBM or 40 ‘ feet container approx. 60 cbm. We bring you the container . You do the packaging wrapping and loading into the container or by our professional moving team. Documents that  are required : certificate of change of address . Photocopy of your passeport and identification.  Proof of residence overseas.  Our services include the custom clearance and final delivery to your home. Excludes duty and taxes that may be applicable to your shipment. The onloading of your contianer must be done by yourself or by a local supplier of your choice

Cargosonic Inc. International Freight Forwarder based in Montréal